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Testimonial by Mark Valentino of Hit n Run:

I am the owner of Hit n Run. A local musical group that was recently inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and signed to a National Recording Contract with Rhapsody records. I have known and worked with Dan Ruggiero for a couple of years between both his work with Buffalo.com and with his own private photography company. He is extremely professional. Not only has he been an award winning photographer, but more importantly, he is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a photographer for a wedding, function or private setting.

Mark Valentino

Testimonial by Jay “Taz” Kuzara of Breakaway;

Dan is the man!

Dan has been shooting me for almost 4 years now and I have to say that his shots are money. His ability to capture the mood at live events is second to none.

I’ve used quite a few pictures from Dan as my promotional shots for my Regal Tip drumstick endorsement and every picture has gotten great reviews and comments from fellow musicians as well as industry insiders.

I know I said it before, but I will say it again – DAN IS THE MAN!

Jay “Taz” Kuzara
Drummer Breakaway

Jay “Taz” Kuzara of Breakaway and Regal Tip Drum Stick endorsed!

Testimonial By Mike Schill of Breakaway;

Today is a point and click world. Cameras are marketed as easy to use, and claims are made that anyone can take pictures like a professional.
Then you look at Dan Ruggiero’s work…and reality sets in. In a point and click world, Dan shows you a professional is all about capture, enhance and reveal. Capture the energy, enhance the moment, and reveal the beauty.
Dan has taken about 500 pictures of me in while I played music throughout Western New York. I’m not a pretty sight; I’m 46 with gray hair, lines on my face and 2 chins on a good day. Dan makes me look like a rock star. Scoreboard DJ Ruggerio!

Mike Schill, Multi-Time, Award winning Bass player.
Testimonial By Buffalo’s Own Will Holton;

First off thank you bro for always availing your services. You have such a talent behind the lens and a person of your spirit is so timeless. For over the past two years you have exposed me to not only Greater Buffalo and Niagara Regions, but to the worldwide audience as well with the www.buffalo.com vehicle.

As an independent musician/events coordinator much exposure is needed to be successful (as you may already know)and you have caught me in such a light “a professional light” that it has made me a “featured attraction” in Buffalo even the more.

There is no words that express total “thanks” my friend, but I hope you continue to do what you do and if there is a moment where life becomes sour or though… read this letter and know- ” That I’m so grateful to have a new friend and professional photographer in you”

Sincerely Will Holton

Al Hury Freelance Drummer.

Member of The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

Dan is One of the Few Photographers that has been able to catch the perfect shots of me performing behind my huge drum set! He Has Nailed The Challenge Many Time Over! I personally have appreciated being able to watch Dan set up his shots for his “Chasing Light and Motion” Album…His keen sense of vision, by knowing his equipment in order to capture his shot with the right timing, has produced magnificent pictures! Brilliant!

Phil Hudson of The Road and ELI

Dan Kaplin

Dan Ruggiero has been such a Great Photographer, with my group, “ELI” , that we never even considered working with anyone else !! Dan is a real Pro, in every aspect of his Photo-shoots ! His Creativity, and easy-going manner, make him a pleasure to work with !

This man was (is) a WNY legend. His stuff is magical-any nature pics., The wedding stuff? had to play 🙂 but every wedding shot I saw made me think…”maybe I should get married”and the ONLY persons to put that in my mind was Dan and Dawn!!! and I’m only sleeping with one of then…..(shut up Dan) 🙂 Just wanted to say how honored and blessed I’ve been to work with such an artist. Dan has been nothing but welcoming when I got in the band and made me feel like a real stage musician and welcomed me and Dawn as friends and I will miss him immeasurably. There have been so many times that seeing him out there has made me concentrate so I didn’t suck in front of him (sweet madame blue). Thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart- you have helped me more than you know. Let’s get a pint. (I owe you)

Testimonial By Paulie Battaglia of ELI;
 WNY Hitman Photography:

                  We have all witness a disaster when it comes to finding a good photographer……here’s a better then good one, his name, MR. DANIEL J. RUGGIERO.

Being a musician & knowing Danny for years, I have used him in a verity of music events, weddings, graduations, anniversary’s taking live shoots, & every time  WOW! Clarity, color, (or black + white) the angles, plus the extra fine equipment being used. Anyone out there needs somebody with brains + experience, (get shot by a pro) go to….. daniel@wnyhitman.com or call 716-491- 3159….. no disappointments here!  Paulie Battaglia – Drummer, ELI

Mike Carroll ELI-A Tribute to Three Dog Night.

Dan has been a true business partner of my band ELI- A Tribute to Three Dog Night. We have used Dan on multiple occasions, and his creativity, passion, and professionalism are second to none. The experience is always relaxed, and the results are truly amazing.

Mike Carroll

Ken Wilczak of Jambo & Fat Brat.

A Member of Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

Dan thanks for all of the great work that you have put into taking so many great shots of myself and the band. Whenever I needed you for updates or special shows you have always been there for us with your positive attitude and professional approach and your great eye to bring our shows to a way for us to celebrate them at a later date. I am glad that you are my friend and a true talent as a photographer.

Tom Gariano Member Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame.

HI, my name is Tom Gariano. I am the lead singer for The A-List Band. I have been a working musician for over 40 years. As a touring and local performer I have had to do many photo shoots and have worked with some of the best, But I have had the honor over the last 3 years to work with Dan Ruggiero from WNY Hitman Photography not only with The A-List but with ELI a Three Dog Night Tribute group . Dan is a true professional always making the artists feel comfortable. As long as I’m performing and needing new promotion Dan is always my first call.

My name is David Terry,

I do production work in sound and lights for theatrical and live music events. I started my career doing lighting design for theatre. I have always tried to adapt what I learned from theatre into the live music scene.

Mr. Daniel Ruggiero is a local photographer, AKA. WNY Hitman Photography. He is one of the few, if not the only photographer I have seen that knows how to truly catch a shot using proper light and angles with no flash. The quality of the photos by using no flash and capturing the natural elements of the room not only give it a much more realistic shot, but the colors, and feel of the photo also jump right out at you. He really understands how to get a quality image using proper techniques and angles with no flash. Photoshop? He clearly does not need it. Dan has always been professional at what he does. My favorite thing about him, is credit is always giving to others that help make his magic happen. It has been a pleasure working with him and having him around. Not only do I enjoy sharing my time with him, but I also enjoy sharing his work on my walls to see every day.