Buffalo.Com KUDOS:

Buffalo dot com (A Buffalo News Property) was a vehicle that reignited my passion for photography. It has been known as the following: My Buffalo, Spotted, Buffalo dot com and now The Buffalo Evening News Gusto Section.

I thought I would share the Kudos I received from my bosses via email as a contributor over the years of service, before my WNY Hitman Photography was born. It is set up in reverse order of receipt of the emails comments.

Buffalo.Com KUDOS:

Your blog made my morning. I was truly touched by your kind words. It is sincerely heart-warming to me to know how much the program meant to you. I hope that you continue to share photos at our site as we go forward. (INRE: Farewell blog to bdotcom association.)
Ben Kirst Digital Communications Manager // Buffalo.com 12/3/10

We’d like to thank you for your contributions to Buffalo.com. We’re grateful for the content that you’ve provided for the Web site. We’re very thankful for your participation in the contributor program and proud that you’ve set a good example for Buffalo.com at events. It has been a pleasure to get to know you. Dan, the honor and privilege have been mine.
Ben Kirst Digital Communications Manager // Buffalo.com 11/22/10

We appreciate all that you do, as we’re not rewarding you very well aside from getting you into places.
Ben Tsujimoto Buffalo.com Online Content Coordinator 10/26/10

We received the posters in the mail, and there’s one hanging up now in Ben K’s cubicle! I am still trying to decide where to put mine. Thanks for passing those along, they look good! (INRE: Breakaway band Poster)
Ben Tsujimoto Buffalo.com Online Content Coordinator 8/31/10

You got a lot of great shots! Excellent work! Thank you,
Deandra Modica Buffalo.com Online Content Coordinator 3/3/10

Dan, you always bring your “A” game. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new site…(INRE: New Dirction for the site)
Bk Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 6/3/09

Dan, I agree 100 percent. We do not do enough to cover the African-American or Latino community in the city. That is something I want to change this summer and I will take the lead in this myself. (INRE Request for more Diversity, inclusively of minority events to appear on the site)
Ben Kirst Digital Communications Manager // Buffalo.com 4/27/09

Hey bro. Are you coming to do your magic at the Tralf on 4/10/09? I could use you.
Will Holton 3/31/09
(fw FROM bk Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com )

That’s awesome. Excellent stuff as always, Dan. have a great day!
Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 3/16/09

CONGRATULATIONS – you’re going to be in The Buffalo News!
We’ve decided to publish special ads for our 2008Buffalo.com award winners… Dan Ruggiero: 2/13, Thanks again for all you do for Buffalo.com! (INRE: best photographer (Judged) at B.com)
Deanna Russo Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com) 2/6/09

Dan – you are a true Spotted ambassador.
BK 1/23/09

I am truly impressed. Terrific stuff!
Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 1/22/09

Hi Ben, Just want to say one of my friends saw the link of Hit n Run and sent me a copy. This is very cool. Dan did and does a fabulous job of not only taking pics (and video) but also is very professional and considerate of the members, the owner of the clubs and the crowd. This is awesome! (INRE: First time coverage of a Live band (HNR) )
Mark Valentino HNR
(fw FROM Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com) 1/21/09

Dan, you did a freaking nice job on that. That’s really your first try? Impressive work…I am semi-blown away. I tip my cap to you, sir!
BK Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com) 1/21/09

Sue sent this out to her list…she is pretty well-connected, so this went to a lot of music scene and media “players.” Awesome job Dan! (INRE: Will Holton first Show at the Tralf)
BK Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com) 12/15/08)

Dan: It was our pleasure. Thank you for your professionalism and understanding
re: student safety. Great Job! (INRE: Cleve hill Faculty Vs, Sabres Alumni Basketball.)
Jill Sherman Principal Cleve hill High School. 11/24/08
(fw. From Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com

What a great shot! I glanced through your gallery and I liked what I saw…always such complete event coverage. You do a nice job, Mr. R. (INRE: Maryvale Football Game).
Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 9/29/08

Thanks for going to the games – the basketball/HS sports galleries have been pretty popular. I may sneak out to a game myself tonight. Very nice job at Cleve Hill. A PR success, and over 16,000 page views and counting! Fantastic work.
Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 1/17/08

you did an awesome job. thanks Dan!
Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 1/11/08

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I think you did some really nice work this weekend. I was flipping through your gallery this morning and was really pleased. Thank you for the work that you do for Spotted, I really appreciate it.
Ben Krist Online Interactive Manager // Buffalo.com 11/26/07